Meta Introduces LLaMA AI

Meta has recently introduced their own AI called LLaMA, which is a chatbot AI similar to those produced by Google and OpenAI. While not an AI that is accessible to the general public like ChatGPT, LLaMA is designed for use in research, and only a portion of its capabilities have been revealed so far. LLaMA is targeted at universities, NGOs, academic researchers, civil society organizations, and legislators, with the goal of assisting them in their work.

According to Meta, LLaMA-13B is the model used for the LLaMA AI, which is reportedly more powerful than OpenAI’s well-known GPT-3 model. BlenderBot, another chatbot AI, has also been introduced by Meta. However, it did not receive its name due to its inferiority to the current AI. Additionally, Galactica AI was introduced for scientific paper development, although it went largely unnoticed.

As CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself announced on Facebook, LLaMA AI will soon be available to researchers. While AIs are currently a trending topic, Meta’s introduction of LLaMA shows that the company is committed to the continued advancement of AI technology for research and other purposes.

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